I started BostonTweet in November 2008 as a way to create awareness for local business during a bad economy. Every day since then I have been tweeting about my life in Boston, which consists of going out A LOT, and things to do of value in Boston.

One of those food values, and my obsession, has been with burritos. I tweet photos of everything I eat, and since I eat at Anna's Taqueria a lot, I tweet tons of burrito photos. When I started BostonTweet I would just tweet photos of the burrito wrapped up, which became a boring photo, even though they were always delicious. So one cold day in 2009 I decided to play with my food and create my first work of art - the burrito character. To my surprise they were a big hit and I've been making burrito characters ever since. People sitting next to me think I'm crazy, but as long as they put a smile on people's faces I don't mind.

That's the story on how these "Burrtweeto" burrito T-shirts came to be. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do and I hope they too put a smile on your face - and the faces of people wondering where you got that T-Shirt from.


a/k/a Tom O'Keefe